Banano Wiki

The bot is used to tip other users Banano on Discord.



Open a DM chat with BananoBot++#4081

Send .register to open an account

Send .address, .register or .deposit to see your address


Direct tip[]

You can tip a specified amount to others with .ban or .b.
Minimum tip: 1 BAN.

Via @mention[]

To tip others with a mention write:

.b <amount> @<username1> @<username2>
With reply[]

To tip with a reply simply reply to a message and write:

.b <amount>

Ban split[]

You can tip a specified amount and split it between multiple users with .bansplit or .bs.
Minimum tip: 2 BAN.

To use .bansplit:

.bs <amount> @<username1> @<username2>
Random tip[]

You can tip a specified amount to a random active user with .banrandom or .br. Minimum tip: 5 ban.

.br <amount>

Splits a tip and rain it on all active citizens with .banrain, .brain or .brian.
Minimum amount: 420 BAN.

Sometimes, due to rounding errors, the amount of Banano rained may be lower than the threshold 420 BAN.

To use write:

.brain <amount>


View total tip amount and biggest tip of all time.


Withdrawing Banano[]

Ban can be withdrawn from the tipbot to any Banano address via either .send or .sendmax commands.

Be sure to verify the address that you are sending Banano to before executing command.

.send <amount> <banano_address>

The following command will send your entire balance to the referenced Banano address.

.sendmax <address>


Giveaway is a form of lottery for users with citizens role. A giveaway can be started automatically by Graham when the prize pot reaches 420 Banano. Any user can sponsor a giveaway.

Start a giveaway[]
.giveaway <amount> duration=<number> fee=<number>

Duration (in minute) must be 10 or more.

A giveaway can have free entry fee.

Giveaway Status[]

Users can check giveaway status by sending the follwing command in a public channel:




Enter a giveaway[]

Active giveaways can be entered via .ticket(.e) or .donate (.do) commands

.do <amount>
.e <amount>
Ticket status[]



Spam prevention[]

In respond to rain or random tip spams, the bot has a 5-minute cooldown period [1] to limit users.


Discord tip wallet is automatically created when you receive a tip.

Tutorial (youtube)[]


How to deposit banano to bananobot++ with kailum

(by cola)