Banano Wiki

The official Discord server of Banano community.

Public channels[]

Look here, important stuff[]

Channels for announcements and official statements only.


Contains rules of the server in 14 languages.


Frequency asked questions.


Every B(anano)announcement is posted here.


Social club[]

🌴 the jungle[]

The main channel for casual conversations. English only.

frankensteins lab[]

All technical things.

socialmedia news[]

socialmedia feeds[]

not so dank memes[]

bantanamo jail[]

A prison for people who got banned due to rules violation. No reactions, no tipping.

wban support[]

Technical support for wBAN users.

Games and distribution[]

🎊 event room[]

Formerly🏅 events and giveaways and bots. The channel is used for events.

🤖 botstuff[]

Bot command playground.

🔥 contest submissions results[]

🔥🧯 monkeyslots[]

🌋 volcano drawings[]

For Volcano things.

🚀 booster[]

Channel dedicated to the hackathon even Booster. Due to long inactive time of the event, the channel was made fun of and renamed multiple times as a joke.

On May 9, 2022, one year since the event was started, the channel was renamed "🎂-booster". Shortly after that, Banano published an article on Medium announcing the outcomes of the competition.

⛏ banano folding[]

Dedicated to Banano Miner.

💥 boom pow[]

Support for BoomPoW.

⛔ black monkey[]

Questions, answers and announcement related to Black Monkey faucet.

📺 jungle tv[]

For everything related to JungleTV.

🍚 freerice[]

Dedicated to the Freerice event.

🌱 ban farmer[]

Dedicated to the Ban Farmer event.

Foreign embassy[]

Localised jungles.

🇪🇸 la jungla[]

🇧🇷 a selva amazônica[]

🇷🇺 🇺🇦 джунгли[]

🇨🇳🇭🇰🇹🇼🇸🇬 中華雨林[]

🇻🇳 rừng rậm[]

🇹🇷 anamur[]

🇮🇹 la giungla[]

🇫🇷 la jungle[]

🇩🇪 der dschungel[]

🇮🇩 hutan rimba[]

🇮🇳 जंगल[]

Fridge door[]

citizen poems[]

Collection of citizen poems.


dank memes[]

The dankest memes are here.



banano radio[]

Primary music channel. Rythm.


Secondary music channel. Rythm 2.


📰 monkey gazzette[]

⌨ monkey typewriters[]

🔒 easter nft claim[]

🔒 story2image faucet[]

🇮🇷 جنگل[]

Deprecated channel.

🔒 king of the jungle[]

🇧🇩 বাংলা বন[]

Deprecated channel.

triggerhaven stream[]

help es[]

border control[]

Who's in, who's out. Everything is logged.

primeros pasos[]

Discord roles[]

Main article: Discord roles
The Banano discord server has a number of roles to for a multitude of purposes. This includes seniority, organization, bots and disiplinary actions.



Tip bot[]



Music bots[]


Rythm 2[]


As of September 15, 2021, music streaming service Rythm had to discontinue their service due to Google's demand[2][3][4]. On September 19, 2021, Hydra was added to the server as a replacement.



Used to distribute POAP tokens during Community Calls.



A good assistant of moderators. It also brings hot threads from Banano's subreddit to #socialmedia feeds.


Reposts the hottest tweets from Twitter to the newsfeeds.◡‿◡✿)[]

Mystery bot. Maybe the bolice will know.


Oops records Community Calls with this.


The ultimate bot for event schedules.


Used to create or register for events.

Not in use or removed[]


Used to have the nickname "Benis". It reacts to every "exit scam" message and post "BAN 1 Dorrah insert :raugh: whenever Beatrice is called with !price command. Benis shows your rank when you send ~rank. Poor Benis was kicked out in May 2021, along with the removal of the ranking system.


Tip bot for testnet Banano. Jailed and offline.


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