Banano Wiki

Burning is a method used to reduce the supply of Banano.

The results of burning:

  • Stabilising the Banano price.
  • Reducing the amount of Banano controlled by founders of Banano.

Banano's Buy Back and Burn Scheme[1]

Ongoing distribution logically leads to inflation. That’s why the Banano team executes a ‘Buy-Back and Burn’ scheme. This won’t only antagonize BANANO price inflation during the Banano distribution phase and stabilize markets, but also make a good use of earnings to reduce the BANANO supply, which in turn rewards all BANANO community members/holders! Here’s the plan:

  • The Banano team will use earnings from official faucets to continuously buy back BANANO on exchanges
  • Official faucets include mining payouts from our Powerplant CPU mining pool faucet, earnings from advertisements shown on BANANO faucet websites, or crypto tips the Banano team receive on official platforms like on Publish0x.

Burn address[]