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Dungeons & Banano[]

Imagine what happens when you take the fantastic TTRPG world of D&D, and fuel it with the power of potassium? You get Dungeons and Banano!

The Dungeons & Banano project comes in many different forms and continues to grow and develop new and exciting ways to bring D&D based activities and events to both the TTRPG and Banano communities.

Dungeons & Banano hosts D&D one-shot live stream sessions using YouTube Live (JungleTV) and Twitch! During these live streams, the audience will be eligible to receive banano rewards if they’re engaging in chat during these streams. There will be other ways to earn rewards which will be shared during the live streams.

The Dungeons & Banano project also has their own discord server where they run a number of events with banano related rewards.

The project receives banano funding from the developers of the banano project.

More information about the project can be found on the official Dungeons & Banano website:

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