Banano Wiki

Citizens is a role on the Banano Discord server which you can easily obtain by interacting in the community and following the rules, and allows you to take part in BANtastic opportunities all over the server.[1]


The Citizens role will allow you to participate in:

  • Enter sponsored Giveaways (lotteries)
  • Participate in Citizen-Only events


Receiving citizenship is simple. We suggest you consider the following points as a guide, but not a guaranteed formula.

  1. Select the Jungle of your preferred language
  2. Introduce yourself in the chat as a new user
  3. Be friendly, ask questions, participate in ongoing discussions, and just hangout
  4. After a few days, a fellow citizen or moderator can suggest/vouch for your citizenship
  5. Your account will be reviewed by a moderator before the role is granted

Note: The granting of citizenship is individually based, which means all accounts and their history are reviewed before the role is granted. This is to ensure they have been following the rules and do not show any signs of suspicious activity.

Warning: The people of the Jungle demands for a poem from new monkeys who just earnt their citizenship is strong so prepare yourselves.


Just as it can be given, citizenship can be withheld or taken away; but not without cause.

Here are some examples of infractions on the BANANO server which could result in the removal of citizenship:

  • Begging/Asking for loans
  • Harassment
  • Sharing links unrelated to Banano/Nano

Note: Banano is a meme coin after all, which means the threshold for being a bad monkey is, objectively, pretty high. With that being said, show respect to all you interact with, and know your audience.


Banano has had a ongoing free and fair distribution of the coin since the beginning, and there are no plans to change that. It allows the community to share, create, and learn about crypto with a sense of freedom. So while distributing a coin as awesome as $BAN for free has its major advantages (which the Banano community chooses to focus on), it also comes with some disadvantages. Even with its unparalleled community, Banano is not immune to bad monkeys trying to exploit or cheat the system and the Citizens role exist to keep the distribution free and as fair as possible.