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This is a community driven, Banano-inspired project.
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This is a faucet that pays you an amount of Banano after each video you watch.


To get rewarded from JungleTV, you need to link your wallet address and verify your identity by temporarily changing your Banano representative.


  1. Click "Earn Rewards" in the top banner.
  2. Enter your Banano address and press next.
  3. Temporarily change your representative to the one displayed.
  4. Change back to your previous representative (optional).
  5. Watch videos and earn.



Longest allowed video duration is 35 minutes.[1]

Live streams[]

To be enqueued, there has to be at least 50 people watching the stream on YouTube. The stream will be played for exactly 10 minutes.



JungleTV also offers an opt-in feature which makes the video unskippable, but raises video cost by 19 times. As long as the user sends an amount of Banano that is equal or greater than provided price, JungleTV adds the video to the queue and follows user's chosen option.

Live streams[]

Price for streams is the same as videos.

Enqueueing options[]


There are three available options to enqueue a video.

Adding the video to the end of the queue[]

This is the option to enqueue a video for lowest price.

Playing the video right after the current playing video[]

The system adds video to the queue, and it will be played when the current video ends. This tier charges more Banano.

Skipping the current video and play immediately[]

This option is the most expensive one. The playing video will be skipped and rewards from it get distributed to all eligible viewers.

Live streams[]

Users have the right to make live broadcasts unskippable, and the three enqueueing options for videos are also applied for streams.[2]


Video requester tiers[]

The name of users will be highlighted differently, depending on their queueing history.

A user with no videos enqueued replied to a tier 1 user's message.

Tier 1[]

Has one video enqueued.

A tier 1 video requester posted a message while their requested video was being played.

Tier 2[]

Has 5 videos enqueued.

A tier 2 video requester posted a message while their requested video was being played.

Tier 3[]

Has at least 10 videos enqueued. The username glows and is highlighted.

A chat moderator, who was a tier 3 video requester, posted a message while their requested video was being played.

Video requestor[]

If the video requestor chats when the video they enqueued is being played, a coin icon will be added next to their name.


Commands can be used by all viewers in the chat section.


Changes your displayed nickname. The maximum length of the nickname is 16 characters.

Disallowed emojis in nickname: 🛡️🔰🛡⚔️⚔🗡️🗡🗡️

/nick <your desired nickname>


Toggles between dark and light mode.

Crowfunded skipping and community tipping[]

The features are available when the queue is active.

Crowfunded skipping[]

JungleTV has a pool for skipping videos. If the pool receives enough Banano, the playing video will be skipped. The amount of required Banano depends on the video. Skipping fund will always be added to the payout of the video, even it doesn't reach skipping threshold. This feature is not available for unskippable videos.[3]

Community tipping[]

This reward pool goes toward a video's reward. Anyone can increase payout amount by sending Banano to tip address. The enqueuer of the video will receive 20% of the tip if they are active on the website in the last 15 minutes before the video ends.[4]



Since September 2021, Banano team started to officially fund JungleTV. gbl08ma holds the private key of JungleTV's dev fund account. Banano sponsored by the team will be used for events hosted on JungleTV.[5]


On September 24, 2021, JungleTV got linked on Banano official website.


Why should I change my representative?[]

Changing your representative is needed to verify the ownership of the Banano address. The representative is not a valid one and it doesn't affect your balance, as well as transactions.


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