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MonKeys are a unique identicon for Banano. An identicon is a unique visual identifier for an address to aid with recognition of an address instead of relying on reading a long string of characters.

MonKeys were originally designed by Yekta and Randomizer.

Quote from Yekta on the lifecycle of MonKeys[1]

It started about 3 years ago so details are a bit vague at this point. Here is what I can remember: MonKey was an idea of Randomizer, a junta which is not here anymore. I initially did the illustrations, we went back and forth is to how things can work etc. Randomizer implemented it in Javascript (my Javascript knowledge at the time was non-existent). After a while I started working together with Bbedward on bunch of things, like Kalium, Natrium, Banano Miner, MonkeyTalks and some of other Banano products. Since we were heavily depending on MonKey and Randomizer got busy with other things and the infrastructure was not the most reliable, we decided to re-write it and move it to our cluster (Bbedward and I run a company together, cluster was for that initially). We used Go because both of us like it and wanted to try it (we didn't go back afterwards :D). K8s is because we already had a big cluster with monitoring etc setup. I didn't do much on server side again, that was Bbedward. I wrote a color/shadow algorithm in pseudo code/javascript mix and figured how the parts should go together, rarity of parts, cleaned the illustrations etc. and Bbedward implemented it in Go beautifully
— Yekta

Announcement Trailer[]



Version 1[]

MonKey V1 source

MonKey V1 is deprecated and all services should use V2.

Version 2[]

MonKey V2 source


MonKey API endpoint:<address>

Example usage:

POST API that accepts a list of addresses in a JSON format to get a large list of monkeys back in JSON form:


A monkey Vanity Generator written in C# to brute force account generations to try and find a MonKey that meets certain requirements

Vanity MonKeys[]

Custom Vanity MonKeys for team members and known services that are unobtainable through standard MonKey generation.