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Vanity address is a customised address, containing a string of prefered alphanumeric characters.


Name Browser tool GPU support Windows macOS Linux Mobile devices Open source Last updated Note
nano-vanity No Yes Yes Yes June 30, 2021
Nano Vanity Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes October 12, 2018
Nano Vanity Generator No Yes Yes June 4, 2018
BanaVy Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
NanoAddr Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
VanityAddrGen No Yes Yes Yes March 3, 2021 v1.1.4 and earlier have a serious vulnerable. DO NOT USE SEEDS GENERATED BY THIS TOOL AND UPDATE TO V1.2.0
banano-vanity No Yes Yes Yes August 27, 2018 Fork of nano-vanity
nano-vanity-address-finder No Yes Yes Yes Yes July 11, 2018

Since Banano is a fork of Nano, one seed can be used for both currencies. The only difference is the prefix ban_ on Banano and nano_ or xrb_ (old) on Nano.

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